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Although vegan diet has been gaining ground for years now, misconceptions are still circulating on the internet and in our minds. Unfortunately, we tend to treat them as facts due to a lack of information. From these, we have collected the three most frequently recurring claims to give you a more precise, objective picture of the 100% plant-based diet and vegan culture.

What is a vegan diet?

First of all, it's worth understanding what we mean by a vegan diet. To put it briefly, it means eating 100% plant-based foods and avoiding all animal-based foods. This includes meat, fish, eggs, and various dairy products.

A vegan diet involves a lot of sacrifices, as vegans live on salads.

Some classic restaurants still make the grave mistake of putting a vegan dish on the menu by stripping a non-vegan plate to the point where almost everything is removed from the original dish. We would not be tempted by the three green leaves and two steamed baby carrots that are put on our plates. We think we are one of the best examples of how it can be done differently. We also use purely plant-based ingredients to create filling, succulent and tasty meals. To get you started, we recommend our Beyond Burger or our Pulledshroom Sandwich. Check out our full range by clicking here!

A vegan diet doesn't get enough protein into your body.

Adequate protein intake is essential for the optimal functioning of our body. Proteins from animal sources such as meat and milk are more widely known, but you can also choose to eat protein-rich plants such as beans, peas, or even sun-dried tomatoes. And for those who think that a 100% plant-based diet is not the way to achieve results in sports and the gym, we recommend the Netflix documentary The Game Changers. Did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger, Serena Williams, and Lewis Hamilton have also switched to a vegan diet? You can find the trailer here, and we also recommend a delicious vegan pizza to go with the film, which you can find here.

Vegans want to force veganism on everyone.

Many of us are diverse, and generalization tends to create false stereotypes. Of course, there are those obsessed with a vegan diet, and unfortunately, some cross the line. We, and most vegans, even though we are probably more aware of the positive effects of following a vegan diet, disagree with this at all. At Jimmy'Z Vegan, we offer an alternative and an opportunity for you to learn about delicious plant-based foods. If you like it, we'd love to welcome you back next time, even if it's just occasionally if you fancy something different from what you're used to. Our former customer, Viktor, said this about us in his Google review:

"I say this without being vegan; I'm just impressed by the kind of sustainable creativity that rivals traditional burgers."

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